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[Promo Pack] 3 Bottles Agarwood Slimming Hot Serum & 1 High Waist Shapewear - Slimming Weight Loss Burn Fat Body Slim Thin Waist Thigh Leg Arm Safe Natural Bakar Lemak Badan

RM 209.45

Enjoy this combo offer now ! 

Bottles Agarwood Hot Serum + 1 High Waist Shapewear

AgarWood Advance Hot Serum 

A blend of premium Agarwood oil, natural and organic ingredients to help you slim in a healthy way. It can help to fight and break down excessive body fat as well as control body weight effectively. It also helps to skin anti-oxidant and rejuvenation purpose. A pleasant smell which is suitable for you to apply throughout whole day and night. 

Product highlights:

  • Break down body fats 
  • Skin repair 
  • Anti-cellulite 
  • Spiritual 
  • Natural muscle relaxer

HIgh Waist Shapewear 

Using ergonomic design, close fit, strengthen the lumbar support function, constrict the abdomen, this item can create a graceful waist curve. Continued use, not only can prevent deformation aging body, but also allows you to bid farewell to fat, remodeling graceful figure. Great for fat burn, body shaper, waist support and bodybuilding. What are you waiting for?

Product highlights:

  • Slimming, lifting and firming 
  • Reduce appearance of cellulite and unwanted inches 
  • High quality and excellent durability
  • Thin, light and good elastic characteristics
  • Suitable for daily usage 

Get a great slimming result with the combination of Agarwood Advance Hot Serum and High Waist Shapewear! 

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