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Car Vacuum Cleaner Dust Buster Handheld Vacuum Cordless Quick Charging Portable for Home Kitchen Car Wet Dry Cleaning (Standard)

RM 108.88

High-efficiency battery used in the vacuum cleaner can be recycled for many times.
All-round cleaning, no dead ends,and provide a full range of cleaning services for your home environment. 
Strong suction, deep cleaning,in addition to sucking out everyday pet hair and confetti, it also removes invisible dust fragments that are hard to reach.
Fast charging,multiple protection,temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection and short circuit protection ensure the safety of the entire charging process.
Ultra-long cleaning time,hand-held vacuum cleaner has large-capacity dust cup, which can meet the deep cleaning and dust removal requirements from kitchen, living room to bedroom.

Rated Voltage:220V
Rated Speed:2000R/min
Rated Input Power:120W
Vacuum Suction:3000mbar
Package Weight:732g/25.8oz
Package Size:35*13*10cm/13.8*5.1*3.9in

Package List:
1*Small Brush
1*Suction Nozzle
1*Extension Hose
1*Auxiliary Connector
1*Dust Collecting Cup
?1*Car Vacuum Cleaner